74297_170808989596566_3035626_np pupet show

  • Museum Mangkunegaran
  • Klewer market
  • grojogan sewu water fall,Tawangmangu
  • Sukuh temple
  • Cetho temple
  • Triwindu antique market
  • Bengawan solo river


  • museum lawang sewu
  • Demak mosque and tombs  (walisongo)
  • Kudus mosque and tombs (walisongo)
  • Tomb of sunan Kalijogo (walisongo)
  • Mosque of Agung Semarang
  • Simpang Lima
  • Jepara,center of  furniture
  • Tomb of Sunan Muria,Pati (walisongo)
  • Kopeng hill

sarong of budur sarong for Borobudur visitors
budur Borobudur temple 7 wonder

  • Borobudur temple 7 wonder,the bigges temple in the world
  • Mendut temple
  • Ketep pass
  • Selo village,base camp for hikkers to mt merapi

  • Dieng plateu
  • Kyai Langgeng park



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